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87 – HALO (feat. Michael Staab)

NASA is building a new outpost at the Moon called the Lunar Gateway. It’s a place for science but also a place to stage lunar activities like landings on the surface. Michael Staab from Northrop... Read More
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86 – Equitable Design (feat. Kavya Manyapu)

As more and more human spaceflight vehicles enter service, and more and more people have access to spaceflight, the need to design vehicles to accommodate different kinds of passengers becomes more and more important. Kavya... Read More
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85 – Vera Rubin Ridge (feat. Abigail Fraeman)

In early 2019, NASA’s Curiosity Rover wrapped up a year-long chapter in its mission exploring Vera Rubin Ridge, an elevated rocky plateau with high iron content. Many months later, we’re starting to see the science... Read More

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Going Pro Phase Two

A year ago, I announced something crazy – I left my day job and 12 year career as a business analyst and operations manager to build a new life for myself centred around making space…

Humans to Mars Summit 2020

Next week, the Explore Mars organization is putting on the their Humans to Mars (H2M) Summit. It’s an annual get together to explore where we’re at with getting people to the Red Planet. Thanks to…

We’ve Made Space Better

About six weeks ago, through our joint Off-Nominal Podcast, my friend Anthony Colangelo from Main Engine Cut Off and I decided to act and do our part in fighting systemic racism in space and STEM….

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