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96 - LPSC 2021 Cover Art

96 - LPSC 2021

Jake reports live from virtual LPSC, catches up on all the latest Mars science and features interviews with Sabrina Khan...

6 minutes ago

95 - Big Rocket Roundup (feat. Anthony Colangelo) Cover Art

95 - Big Rocket Roundup (feat. Anthony Colangelo)

Main Engine Cut Off host Anthony Colangelo joins Jake to talk about SLS, New Glenn, Vulcan and Starship....

14 days ago

94 - Guiding Perseverance to the Ground (feat. Swati Mohan) Cover Art

94 - Guiding Perseverance to the Ground (feat. Swati Mohan)

Mars 2020 Guidance, Navigation and Control engineer Swati Mohan joins Jake to talk about the technology behind the succe...

28 days ago

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