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74 – Virtual LPSC (Part 1)

The annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference is the premier gathering for planetary scientists worldwide. But, like many events, it was cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve covered it every year, and... Read More
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73 – Moving ExoMars (feat. Natalie Panek)

The ExoMars mission will be Europe’s first Mars rover, and when it drives off the platform on Mars to begin operating, it will do so on chassis and wheels made in Canada. Natalie Panek from... Read More
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Ask me Anything! – Patreon Milestone Episode

In December we launched our #GoingPro campaign and you, the listeners, really stepped up! We hit our 200 patron milestone with hours to spare. And that means Jake’s on the hook for an Ask Me... Read More
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71 – Martian Dust Towers (feat. Nick Heavens)

Dust is ubiquitous on Mars, and the way it moves around can be quite unique. While the global dust storm might be Mars most recognizable dusty weather pattern, the Dust Tower can be equally interesting.... Read More

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#GoingPro – What’s Next?

A little over five weeks ago I announced my crazy but exciting decision to leave my job and build a freelancing career. Since then a lot has happened. I left my job, we kicked off…

THIRTYSEVEN – Available now!

Celebrate SpaceX’s Starship vehicle with our new THIRTYSEVEN t-shirt design. It features the business end of the new Super Heavy launch vehicle, all 37 methane-powered Raptor engines on full display. The shirt is available in…

An Exciting Space Future

We’re coming up on the fourth anniversary of the first ever WeMartians episode. Since then, we’ve interviewed astronauts, watched spacecraft leave Earth, and met the NASA Administrator. We’ve built studios together and partnered with my…

WeMartians Black Friday Sale!

Well, it might not be as cold as it is on Mars, but winter is here, and that means so is Black Friday! We’ve got a site-wide sale on all WeMartians Merchandise! From Nov 27…

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