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80 – The Summer of Mars

The Summer of Mars is here! Three missions are launching to Mars in the next few weeks from three different space agencies. We’ve got the definitive preview of these missions, from UAE’s Mars Hope, to... Read More

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We’ve Made Space Better

About six weeks ago, through our joint Off-Nominal Podcast, my friend Anthony Colangelo from Main Engine Cut Off and I decided to act and do our part in fighting systemic racism in space and STEM….

Let’s Make Space Better

For the last two weeks I have been watching the events surrounding the murder of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement, and demonstrations against police violence in the United States, Canada, and around the…

Season 4 Missions Patches Now Available

Last year we introduced the very first WeMartians Mission Patch, celebrating our third season of podcasts (2018). It featured the fantastic artwork of Beth Kerner and highlighted some of the great themes we explored on…

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