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135 - A Farewell to InSight (feat. Bruce Banerdt) Cover Art

135 - A Farewell to InSight (feat. Bruce Banerdt)

NASA's InSight's Principal Investigator Dr. Bruce Banerdt joins Jake to talk about the end of the InSight mission, it's ...

10 months ago

Goodbye, for now Cover Art

Goodbye, for now

Jake says goodbye and calls WeMartians End of Mission....

10 months ago

134 - Blood, Sweat, and Rockets (feat. MG Lord) Cover Art

134 - Blood, Sweat, and Rockets (feat. MG Lord)

Journalist MG Lord joins Jake to talk about her new podcast series chronicling the founding of NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab...

10 months ago

A Notice to our Listeners

Jan 30th, 2023

After seven years of exploring Mars and the planets of our solar system, WeMartians is ready for its end of mission.

Producing this podcast has been a highlight of my life. The experiences I've had covering the brave missions to explore our solar system will stay with me forever. I've been able to meet incredible scientists, engineers, policy makers, communicators, and a host of incredible people making amazing things happen in space. I'll cherish these memories.

However, all things must come to an end. I'm ready for new challenges, and while there will always be new stories to tell in planetary science, I believe that this podcast has reached its natural conclusion. My battery is low, and it's getting dark, and rather than let it fizzle out, I'd prefer to give WeMartians a dignified send off.

To all of you, the listeners, we Martians: thank you for listening. Getting to know all of you over the years, whether through emails or comments on social media, in the Off-Nominal Community Discord, or even in person, has made this experience enriching and I hope to take these new friendships with me beyond this show. You've supported me with encouragement, with new ideas and feedback, and with financial support, and for all of this I cannot thank you enough. Our listeners are the best listeners.

I'm not disappearing from the space world. You'll still see me over on Off-Nominal every week with my friend Anthony Colangelo. Our community Discord (still available through Patreon and now also available directly through Discord) isn't going anywhere either! And in the future I hope to be working on some new interesting projects that I will definitely share with you on Twitter, Mastodon or through our mailing list. Our merchandise shop will stay up so you can still get those sweet tees and coffee mugs.

If you're a Patron, check out our page for information on what will happen with your pledge. I've got options for you to still support the work I do with Off-Nominal and our Discord community.

Once again - thank you. I'm incredibly lucky to have been able to tell these stories. Ad ares, Martians.


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