54 – Women In Space 2019 (feat. Mallika Sarma and J.A. Grier)

February 11, 2019

WeMartians visits Arizona to attend the 2019 Women in Space Conference, an interdisciplinary event covering science, engineering, and policy with a reimagined, humanized perspective. Jake and guests discuss some of the science as well as the social challenges women and other marginalized groups face as they try to explore space.

We talk the Human side of Exploration

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Rosalind Franklin

ESA recently announced that the upcoming ExoMars 2020 rover will be named for the pioneering British DNA scientist, Rosalind Franklin. Just as Franklin sought to understand the smallest signs of life, so too will her titular rover as it explores Mars. We’re celebrating this announcement with a new t-shirt design, which you can get in our shop now!

The Rosalind Franklin design

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