Going Pro Phase Two

December 5, 2020

A year ago, I announced something crazy – I left my day job and 12 year career as a business analyst and operations manager to build a new life for myself centred around making space content full time. With your support, the #GoingPro campaign began, and I leapt in to 2020 ready to transform myself.

As we look to 2021, it’s time to check in on that goal, and again ask for your help.

A year’s work worth celebrating

This year didn’t go as planned for anyone, but I’m largely happy with the progress made towards our goal. I acquired some new skills, got a new job that is 100% remote, and reinvested all my former commuting time into building content and infrastructure for my work in space.

I’m really proud of our Perseverance coverage, including an interview with ULA CEO Tory Bruno, our first ever WeMartians livestream, a twopart virtual LPSC featuring 12 scientists, and our first Explore Mars conference. Over on Off-Nominal we interviewed the NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine and raised over $35,000 for Black Girls Code and the Banneker Institute.

Oh, and we put out more episodes this year in both feeds than any other year. 🙌

The Next Phase

Going Pro was always a process, not a result. The next phase of it is already in motion, though I can’t quite share all the details with you yet (I know, what a tease!)

My goals for 2021 include continuing to give more time to this work and finally actually delivering on some new kinds of content. WeMartians is where this all started, but I have so many other ideas worth chasing down that I can’t wait to share with you.

But I need your support to do it!

How You Can Help

Every December we make a bit of a push for our Patreon, the best place to support the show. It’s a monthly pledge you can make that’s as small as $3, so it doesn’t impact you too much, but together you can all make a big difference in my ability to work. Patreon supporters literally made it possible for me to make it through 2020, because I took a pay cut in my career transition.

So we’re enticing new patrons in a couple of ways, until January 8th, 2021:

  • New members at the $5 level or higher will get a handwritten postcard from me with a WeMartians and Off-Nominal themed sticker pack.
  • New members at the $15 level or higher get their own Season 4 Mission Patch, designed by Beth Kerner.

Membership includes a ton of great benefits depending on your pledge level, including advance notice of interviews, ability to submit questions, store discounts, membership in our Discord community, and access to the Red Planet Review Podcast (a short weekly podcast covering space headlines).

Want to try out Red Planet Review before you buy? We put this week’s episode in the main feed to give you a taste!

If Patreon isn’t your thing, we’re also holding a sale in our shop – buy any two items by January 8th 2021 and get free shipping! Just make sure to use the code GOINGPRO at checkout!

Thank You

I try not to gush too much, but I am really so thankful for all the support this community gives me. WeMartians has been transformative for me, and none of this would be possible without you.

So if you think I’ve added a little bit of value to your world, why not send a little back my way?

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