#GoingPro – What’s Next?

January 11, 2020

A little over five weeks ago I announced my crazy but exciting decision to leave my job and build a freelancing career. Since then a lot has happened. I left my job, we kicked off a #GoingPro Patreon campaign, and I began a web development bootcamp that is teaching me the skills I need to go forward. It’s been hectic and amazing all at once.

#GoingPro was a smashing success. We blew past our patron goal of 150 (which got you a fancy video tour of the Off-Nominal Studios West, see below), and cruised right up to our 200 patron milestone. The final 36 hours was fast and furious – we counted down on Twitter and closed the 15 patron gap with fanfare. It was overwhelming and incredible and I can’t be more appreciative of the support you’ve all given me.

A video tour of the Off-Nominal Studios West, where I record all my podcasts. This is a reward for hitting 150 patrons.

So what’s next?

I’m going to quiet down a bit about money and focus on the work I have to do.

If you’re a patron, look for an announcement shortly for the Ask Me Anything podcast, a reward for hitting 200 patrons. You’ll be able to contribute questions for the show! If you’re not a patron, don’t worry, you’ll still get to hear it in the main feed in addition to our regular episodes

Otherwise, the podcasts are going to continue as normal for a bit. I’m deep in some education to learn web development skills, which will be necessary for the next step of #GoingPro. Until the Spring, you won’t notice too much different about WeMartians. This is of course all possible because of your generous support – this podcast is now my only source of income!

Future Goals

We’re keeping our other Patreon milestones up for the long term.

Once we reach 250 patrons, I’ll make a special narrative history episode about the Atlas rocket, which has a storied history in Mars exploration.

Once we reach 300 patrons, I’ll do a narrative history on an old Mars mission itself, voted on by the patrons. It should be a fun research project that I can’t wait to get started (so join now if you haven’t!).

So for now, just sit back and enjoy WeMartians and Red Planet Review!

Tell Others

With our fundraising drive complete, the most important thing you can do now is share the podcast. We need more listeners! So tell a friend about the show and share it on social media or reddit. Every new listener is another member of our community!

Thanks for a great #GoingPro campaign! Ad Ares!

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