Introducing the WeMartians Travel Grant

December 26, 2018

A year ago we set a Patreon goal in order to fund a travel grant that would help an early career scientist travel to a conference and present their work on Mars. Last March, we gave a preview of what the grant might look like. Today, thanks to the generous support of the WeMartians Patrons, the Grant is a reality.

Starting immediately, attendees of the upcoming Lunar and Planetary Science Conference are invited to apply for the WeMartians Travel Grant.

Why are we doing this?

WeMartians mission statement is to engage the public in the exploration of Mars in a simple, fun, educational and inspiring way. Funding early career scientists as they pursue a life exploring Mars seems like the perfect fit. But this is also how the podcast gives back to the science community which has been nothing but generous and gracious with their time, helping me create great content for you to hear.

Why a travel grant?

Conferences like LPSC are excellent opportunities for early career people to network, learn about their trade, and share their work with others. They are hubs for collaboration and contribute significantly to our understanding of the field. WeMartians has connected with many people through LPSC that resulted in interviews for the show.

But they’re expensive! From flights to hotels, transportation, food and registration fees, attending a week-long conference has all the expense of a vacation with none of the relaxation. Research grants don’t always stretch far enough to cover these expenses, leaving many scientists to fund travel themselves.

The WeMartians Travel Grant hopes to alleviate some of these costs.

The poster session of the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference

You can help!

Even if you’re not already a patron of WeMartians, you can help contribute to the fund by picking up our special edition PLANETARY t-shirt. 100% of the proceeds will go towards the grant, adding to the base award of $750 USD. Pick up the shirt by the end of January to contribute to this year’s award! Purchases after January 31st will go towards the 2020 grant.

If you don’t want the shirt, we’re also accepting donations directly to the grant.

Support the Grant with a Shirt or Donation

I’m heading to LPSC to present my abstract! How can I apply?

The 2019 application period is now over. Stay tuned for next year’s announcement!

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