LIVE EVENT – NASA/Orbital ATK QM-2 Solid Rocket Booster Static Fire Test

June 25, 2016
On Tuesday, June 28th 2016, starting at 9:30AM EDT (6:30AM PDT), we’ll be live-tweeting the second and final qualification test of the NASA SLS Solid Rocket Booster at the Orbital ATK facility in Promontory, Utah. This 2-minute static fire will test the lower temperature envelope for performance on the rocket before flight models are completed for SLS’s first flight in 2018.
The first qualification test, QM-1, was completed in March of 2015 and tested the high temperature envelope (90F/32C). QM-2 has a chilled booster at 40F/4C. This ensures the booster will operate well in various temperatures at the launch site in Florida. Learn more about QM-1 with this video:
The 5-segment motor, derived from old Shuttle boosters, takes advantage of some high-tech manufacturing to help produce a lighter, safer, and more environmentally friendly booster which also produces more thrust. Here’s a great, inside look into the manufacturing process.
Check our Twitter account (@we_martians) on Monday for a series of fun facts on the SLS SRBs. Then, beginning at 9:30AM EDT, we’ll live tweet the event and provide stream information you can watch live! See you there!

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