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February 19, 2018

It’s been a couple of months since we launched the WeMartians Shop and the response has been great. Thanks to everyone who purchased a shirt so far! Not only do you look great, but you’re supporting an independent podcaster so that’s gotta feel good, right?

Today we’d like to introduce two new products to the shop!

Opportunity’s So Extra

On Friday the 15th of February, 2018, NASA’s Opportunity rover completed its 5,000th sol on the Red Planet. That’s intense. The little lawnmower-sized robot has been exploring Mars for over 14 years! The original nominal mission was planned to be 90 sols, which means it has exceeded it 55 times over. It’s an incredible milestone that deserves a ton of credit. Last year we spoke with Mike Seibert from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory who gave us a thorough walk-through of everything it takes to operate Opportunity. It’s a big job and the rover drivers in Pasadena do a bang-up job. If you’d like to learn more, you should listen to the episode!

To celebrate this achievement, we’ve created a special edition T-Shirt with Opportunity’s face. It represents just how far outside the concept of nominal that this rover is now operating in. We hope you like it. It’s available in different colours and sizes for men and women in the WeMartians Shop today.

Opportunity: Extra Nominal (Womens)

Opportunity: Extra Nominal (Mens)


Pick up your own EXTRA NOMINAL T-Shirt today!

TwentySeven Now a Sweater

Surrounding the inaugural flight of the Falcon Heavy on February 6th, our TWENTYSEVEN T-Shirt has been all the rage. Featuring the business end of the SpaceX Rocket, it shows all twenty seven Merlin engines ready to take flight in to deep space. I wore the shirt to the launch when WeMartians covered it from Kennedy Space Centre, which you can see in our super cool reaction video.

The trip to Florida was a huge success, and when we returned we produced Episode 37 which tells the whole story of the Falcon Heavy Rocket from its origins to its future. You should listen in!


While at the site, I received a lot of questions about the shirt. Since the design has been such a hit we thought we’d make it available in some new formats. You can now get TWENTYSEVEN in a hooded pullover sweater format, available in three colours.

TWENTYSEVEN Inigo Blue (Unisex)

TWENTYSEVEN: Navy (Unisex)


Pick up your TWENTYSEVEN T-Shirt or Pullover Today!

Keep the Feedback Coming!

We’re always looking for new ideas and feedback on our products and services! If you’ve got an idea, feel free to send an email to us, or hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! Ad ares!

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