New Year, New Patreon Rewards & Goals

December 20, 2017

At the beginning of this year, we launched our Patreon campaign. Patreon provides small projects like WeMartians a way to self-fund through the generous donations of listeners like you. You contribute a little bit every month, we provide you with nice perks. All your small contributions aggregate into enough money to support our operations.

Since we launched, we’ve seen a tremendous level of support from Martians all over the world. We set three goals in 2017 and reached two of them, allowing us to cover our operating costs and upgrade our recording equipment. And we’re well on our way to our third goal to fund travel to (at least) one event every year. So now that it’s a new year, it’s high-time we look at our rewards & goals for 2018. And wow do we have some awesome news!

The WeMartians Travel Grant

WeMartians depends heavily on the appearances of guests sharing their work with you the listener. Without the generosity of the scientists, engineers and communicators who give their time for free, there wouldn’t be much of a show left to give. Because of this, it has always been a dream of ours to give back to the community. The WeMartians Travel Grant is our way to do it.

To accomplish this, we’re adding a new Patreon goal. If we reach $450/month, we will introduce the WeMartians Travel Grant, a small competitive award available to students seeking to travel to conferences or other events to share their work on Mars. With the help of our contacts in the community, we’ve identified conference travel as an area of opportunity that could benefit from financial aid and we think it’s a good way for us to give back.

But to make this happen we need your help! Your small contribution to the podcast through Patreon adds up! But if helping out students isn’t rewarding enough, we’re sweetening the deal with some new perks for our Patrons.

Introducing the Red Planet Review

The thing about releasing episodes every three weeksis that it’s difficult to stay topical. The podcast schedule is pretty inelastic when it comes to reacting to Mars news as it happens. To help remedy this, we’re introducing the Red Planet Review, a short weekly headlines show that summarizes all the Mars news from the week. From new science papers talking about the discovery of water on Mars (yes, again) to breakthroughs in engineering enabling deep space exploration to policy on human spaceflight, we’ll cover it all in a blitz fashion so you can stay up to date.

The Red Planet Review will air its first episode on January 5th and every week thereafter for all Patrons pledging $3 or more to the show each month. You’ll be able to access the show in your own private RSS feed which you can load right in to your podcast app and listen to it like any other podcast.

Subscribe to the Red Planet Review for just $3/month!

Welcome to the Space Discord Hangout

Looking to connect with other listeners about the latest Mars events, live launch parties or general discussion with like-minded people? We’re making the a sharedDiscord Hangout a real thing. This chatroom, available through the Discord app on your PC or your mobile device, will be the place to have real discussions with Jake and other Martians on a regular basis. Have a question about an episode? Pop in and ask. Want to share a cool Mars thing you found? Let us know. It’s a new community we’re trying to build to keep the Mars love alive.

But wait, there’s more. We’ve partnered with the Main Engine Cut Off Podcast to combine this reward with their own shared channel. So not only will you have the great Martians supporters to chat Mars news with, but also the Main Engine Cut Off supporters to keep you up to date on the launch vehicle and satellite industry. The more the merrier! We’re calling the new shared space the Off-Nominal Channel and it’s another step forward in building an awesome online community.

The shared Discord Hangout will be available to all Patrons pledging $5 or more to the show each month.

Join the WeMartians Community Discord for just $5/month!

Are you a WeMartians Superfan?

We get it, Mars is really awesome. So we can understand why you might want to go all in on helping us keep the show alive. If the $5 reward level seems like it isn’t enough for you, we’re introducing three new reward levels for those that want to give even more. You can now contribute at the $10, $15 and $25 level to provide incredible firepower to the show. All of these new levels will get your name (if you choose) and level added to a special donor page on to thank you for your contribution. Plus, Jake will send you a personal, handwritten postcard, complete with some WeMartians stickers, to show you his gratitude.

We don’t think that’s enough. For these Superfan donors, we’ll be providing permanent discounts at the newly launched WeMartians Store, giving you the best prices on all WeMartians merchandise. You’ll get a special coupon code to give you a blanket discount on anything we sell. It’s a way for us to say thanks for your generosity.

  • Station Level ($10/month) – 10% off the WeMartians Store
  • Excursion Level ($15/month) – 15% off the WeMartians Store
  • Base Level ($25/month) – 25% off the WeMartians Store

And if that isn’t enough, remember that if we reach our $450/month goal, you’ll be helping send a deserving student to a Mars conference. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Become a WeMartians Superfan!

Summary of Patreon Goals

Ok, so that’s a lot of information, so here’s a summary of our upcoming Patreon goals:

  • $300/month – Guarantee travel to at least one Mars event in the year, letting us provide live coverage through social media and on-the-ground access to interviewees for podcast material
  • $450/month – Fund the WeMartians Travel Grant, giving a student the financial support needed to travel to a conference or event to share their work on Mars

Summary of Patreon Rewards

Here are all the WeMartians Patreon Rewards for each pledge level. All levels receive the listed benefits and the benefits of all lesser levels. All reward levels also receive a special social media badge that shows their level and year that they can use to spread the WeMartians love.

  • $1/month – Access to bonus content (including extended interviews) plus occasional “Off the Cuff” monologues from Jake
  • $3/month – Access to the Red Planet Review, a weekly show covering all the Mars headlines from the week
  • $5/month – Advance notice of Interviews (and the chance to submit questions), access to the WeMartians/Main Engine Cut Off Discord Chat Hangout
  • $10/month – Listed as a Station-level donor on, Handwritten Post-card from Jake (w/Stickers!), 10% of the WeMartians Store
  • $15/month – Listed as an Excursion-level donor on, 15% off the WeMartians Store
  • $25/month – Listed as a Base-level donor on, 25% off the WeMartians Store

Please note that due to community feedback, we will be discontinuing the old reward of the quarterly chat hangout. We think the 24/7 community hangout is a much better model, and we hope that access to the Red Planet Review will make up for this!

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