Off-Nominal Studios West – A Renovation Story (Part 1)

September 11, 2018

This summer has been an incredibly challenging one for me personally. In May, my wife and I made a sudden decision to sell our home and move to a new one. We found a good deal and jumped on it, but it required us to do some serious renovation work on our old place in order to sell it. At the same time, I was promoted at my main job which demanded a lot of my time, and I had a vacation planned in there, too. Needless to say, it caused a lot of disruption in my life, and this has certainly caused some disruption in the podcast’s life, too! So thank you for your patience as I get through it.

The worst of it is behind me now as I sit in my new living room writing this update. The benefit to you, the listener, is that I am finally investing in a new studio at the new place. I’ve decided to chronicle the renovation project that will become Off-Nominal Studio West and share a little bit of meta-content with you, since you’ve all been so gracious in forgiving this long stretch of silence through the summer. I hope the new space-themed office/studio is something really cool and a great place to hang out, so that I am inspired to keep producing great content for all you Martians out there.

We’ve had possession of our place for about a week now, and here’s what I’ve been able to get started!

The “Before”

No good reno project is complete without a look at the room before it is altered. Here’s the room before I made any changes.

The Good

All in all, it has some great bones to work with:

  • Laminate floors in really great shape. Maybe not the best choice for sound recording, but I have some plans for that
  • Size is great, about 110 square feet, or 10.2 square metres (not including the closet)
  • Window provides a lot of light

But it sure has some opportunities, too!

The Bad

Key things I need to fix to make this the space I want include:

  • Paint! The terrible baby blue needs to go
  • The trim is really dated and not in great shape
  • The light fixture is terrible
  • The outlets, switches and receptacles are all original (1999) and have that awful yellow colour and are covered in paint from different renos through the years

Design Goals

My hope for this reno is to accomplish the following:

  1. Create a modern-looking workspace that I enjoy spending time in
  2. Surround myself with awesome space stuff
  3. Optimize the space for sound-recording
  4. Add a little branding to set it up for possible future video productions

So let’s take a look at the first week’s accomplishments!


The trim in this room (and the rest of the house if I’m being honest) is really dated looking. It has this curvy design that reminds me of what was considered a cheap imitation of high class, thirty years ago.

The room also had a lot of really old receptacles, switches and outlets that needed to go.

Once it was all stripped out, it was time to paint!


I’m fortunate to be married to someone who is an amateur interior designer. She helped me find some inspiration images that captured some of the ideas I had. I really wanted a black and white style colour scheme, with an accent wall, something like this image:

As we started to narrow down the colours she had a brain wave. Why not leverage some of the colours of the branding for Off-Nominal? My co-host and podcast partner Anthony from Main Engine Cut Off made this beautiful mission patch/podcast logo for our partner project, Off Nominal, and it seemed a perfect fit for what I was doing. In fact, I decided to brand the whole studio with Off-Nominal to give it some broader scope (but don’t worry, there’ll be lots of Mars accents).

Sherwin Williams makes a really cool colour matching app called ColorSnap which lets you look at images and then it spits out the colour name to take to the paint store. Here’s the app in action on an iPhone:

Since the colour was really dark, we chose a high quality paint that would minimize coats required. If you’re in Canada, you can get it at Canadian Tire and it’s called Premier Infinity. We chose a flat finish to minimize glare (matte is so in right now, or so my wife tells me).

Then we got to work! The paint was delightfully thick and dark, which felt really satisfying dunking a fresh roller in to!

We decided to do just one accent wall (like the inspiration photo) but also added the ceiling. It simulates having real space above me!

The Light Fixture

Next we had to tackle the awful light fixture in the room. This room is three stories up so it gets hot in the summer, so we decided to get a ceiling fan. My wife found a great dark-coloured Windward one that will kind of blend in to the ceiling and create a sort of stealth effect. She likes it ’cause it matches, I like it ’cause it lets me imagine the light is just a star blazing in the galaxy.

Check out this stealth mode!

To make it even better, I installed Philips Hue full colour bulbs inside of it. This will let me alter the colour and make different scenes, fully controllable via apps on my devices or voice command through Google Home. So whether I want a red dwarf or a pulsar above me, I can create the ambiance I want.

That’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed what will probably be a many-part series as I move towards a finished product. Ad ares, Martians!

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