Off-Nominal Studios West – A Renovation Story (Part 2)

September 24, 2018

A couple of weeks ago I began sharing a new story; it’s not one about a Mars mission update or a science paper result, but one about a renovation project at a new home I just bought. I’m building a new studio, and I want you, the listeners, to see the progress!

In Part 1, I shared the before shots of the studio and walked through the paint choices. Plus, I replaced the light fixture with a new fan equipped with Philips Hue colour smart lights. Today, I’ll share some updates on the trim, the door frame, and the first piece of furniture.

Baseboards and Door Frames

First, we had some cutting in to do on the paint where the darker accent wall meets the white side walls. I love a clean line.

Then it was on to the trim. If you remember last update, this room (and whole house) has some pretty dated-looking finishing. So we tore it out.

Look at this monstrosity. It was not in great shape, either. The wood was really soft and covered in layers of paint.

The plan is to replace all the baseboards, quarter round, and the door frame, which is where we started. A new thing we’re trying is building a really simple plinth the base of the door frame to give it a little bit of interest. It’s just a wider section of the door frame that’s also taller than the baseboard.

To do all of the trim, I got to use my new chop saw. I got a great deal at Home Depot that included the stand for free, which is a big upgrade for me. I’m accustomed to using these on the floor or a makeshift table. I should probably be wearing safety goggles. Do as I say, not as I do.

So then we framed out the door!

If you ever do baseboards, even just a little, I highly recommend getting a nail gun and compressor. It is seriously a game-changer. Nothing is worse than having to hammer all the nails and then get a tapper to set them in. It’s easier, its faster and it makes my life better.

We laid the rest of the baseboard and then started on the quarter round. We had to add this last piece to extend the baseboard from the wall, as the expansion gap that they left on the floor when they installed it was pretty wide.

This photo gives you a good idea of the expansion gap and why we needed the quarter round.

Finishing touches

The next steps involve using filler to putty up the gaps between the baseboards, the wall and themselves. It’s a bit time-consuming and I don’t have great patience for it so my wife usually handles this part (she is really meticulous and detail-oriented). So I don’t have any photos of this step.

But then you get to paint. We used the exact same paint colour as the white walls, but for the trim we used a different finish. The walls are an eggshell, which is very matte, and the trim is a satin. It’s kind of one step up in glossy-ness. We used semi-gloss in our last house and it was a bit too shiny so we’re toning it down this time.

Here’s a look at the finished product with trim, putty and paint done.

Since the trim is lighter, we over-painted it on the accent wall. Then, we tape the trim and paint the straight line back in the Off-Nominal grey.

The end process lets you have this super-satisfying tape removal moment.

More Electrical!

Also included in this update – some more switch and receptacle changes!


Lastly, we added some furniture. My in-laws are visiting this week so we had to rush and do one half of the room just so we could put the bed down. It’s kind of silly looking but I like to call it parallel development.

It’s an IKEA day-bed that converts into a King-sized bed. Super handy for an office that has to double as a spare room. I also hope it will play a big role in dampening sound that might be echoing off the floors and walls for the podcast.

That’s it for this week! Next, we need to finish all the painting and trim (including the closet) and start thinking about installing the desk, which will be a pretty big, built-in system. But I’ll leave you with one more picture. It’s what I’m considering for the new podcasting chair! What do you think?

It kind of reminds me of the chair that the flight director sits in at ESA’s European Spacecraft Operations Centre in Darmstadt, since it’s so tall. Here’s Michel Denis, who was in charge when ExoMars entered orbit around Mars. Like, it’s a tower.

Ad ares, Martians!

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