Off-Nominal Studios West – A Renovation Story (Part 3)

October 29, 2018

Welcome to part 3 of our saga to build a new podcast studio! In September I shared part 1 and part 2, covering some of the paint choices and digging into baseboards and trim! It’s been a busy few weeks for me including three conferences and two out of town trips, so I’m a bit behind. Nonetheless, I’m catching up and can share some progress on wire management and some work on our big window!

Wiring in some Cat6 Cabling

I use a Google Wi-Fi mesh network in my home, but for some reason the access point in this office, which is wired into the modem, could not penetrate the floor and reach the living room below very well. So sitting on the couch with an iPad, streaming anything to the TV, or just working on a laptop in the dining room adjacent had really spotty wireless internet. While we had the whole office torn apart, we decided to run some Cat6 cables up the fireplace trunk to provide a wired connection to the access point downstairs. It was quite the challenge.

First in this process was to ensure that we could actually find a path for the Cat6 cabling. I knew there was a gap there for the vent on the gas fireplace and the drain for the washrooms upstairs. My hunch was that this trunk was the backbone of the entire house for electrical, plumbing and ventilation, so there was probably room for two cables.


I cut two small holes first. I wanted to keep them below where I knew the baseboard would go to avoid patching. But wow did it make it difficult to navigate. For starters, the bulkhead didn’t line up exactly with the one downstairs so I “missed” by about 8 inches. Inside there were some vents, but also a metal plate to seal the gap between floors. Luckily, there was also a small, 4 inch piece of drywall that had been used to cover one tiny part missing. It felt like corner cutting to me, but I took advantage of it and slipped the cables down in it. But then I had the problem of working downstairs.

So then it was time to route the cabling into its final resting place. Upstairs, I didn’t want to run it through all the studs along the wall, so since I had the baseboard off I cheated and used the gap between the floor and the wall, plus the space under the drywall, to fulfill my needs. Then I wired the two cables into a jack!

Downstairs, I repeated the same thing behind the TV.

New Baseboard Heaters

If you remember from the before shots, there was this original, twenty-year old baseboard heater that had basically been painted in to the wall. We of course tore it out.

This is the east-facing wall. The studio desk will go along this wall, and the monitor setup in the right-hand corner. The room has a beautiful deep window working for it here, and a spot for a nice baseboard heater to warm my feet in the cold Canadian winter (current one is old and bad).

And so we went to work replacing it. By this time we’ve pulled all the baseboards off and removed the old heater.

Dressing the Window

I’m super excited about the big window in the office. It is about 6 feet wide and 4 feet tall, and it’s 9 inches deep, which is perfect for putting cats on.

But then it was on the actual plan. I want this window to pop. I want it to be a feature of the room. I want it to be that bright Humanity Star that blots out your astronomical observations and makes you so mad about how cool it is. My wife had a great idea.

And so off to Home Depot we went. We wanted to put some natural wood feel into the room, since so far it was pretty stark, clinical and monochrome. There would be an eventual tie-in with the desk, too.

Back home it was time to install the plywood!

Because the plywood is so thin it doesn’t interrupt the function of the window or intrude too much into the space of the window sill. But it adds a little bit of life and accent to the feature. To do the rest, the old gross blinds had to come out.

Here’s a shot with the whole window done with the plywood/veneer framing, and the old blinds dead and gone. We’ve also got all the painting done in this photo, though there is still some cutting in to do on the ceiling.

Then, it was time to replace those blinds!


Moving on!

That’s for this week. I’m attacking some of the last “constructiony” parts next, and then we can move on in to the really cool space-parts, like decorations and such! Stay tuned!


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