Patreon Highlights – April 2017

May 1, 2017

Martians, we finally made it!

This month, we reached our first milestone goal on Patreon! At $65/month, we officially satisfy all the podcast’s operating expenses. We’re a 100% listener-supported! This is a massive accomplishment and I cannot thank all of the patrons who have contributed so far enough. Click the link to the right if you’d like to join the growing number of Martians who help support the exploration of Mars.

So what’s next? Well, our next goal is at $150/month and it will permit me to upgrade some of our recording equipment. I’ll have more details on this in a future post, but I’m happy to say we are already 51% of the way there!

Read more below for a summary of the Patreon highlights in April.

  • Episode 22 – Live! – Normally, Rover-level patrons get to participate in pre-interview preparation by submitting questions, but for Episode 22 we decided to do something really special. We joined with the Orbital Mechanics Podcast for a special live episode, and patrons got to listen in as we recorded the podcast! To make it even better, we extended the invitation to lander-level Patrons as well. It was suitable thank you for all the support so far. And instead of releasing bonus content, we put everything out in the epic 100-minute episode.
  • Episode 23 – Interview Prep – Rover-level Patrons got to submit questions for the upcoming episode on Martian Eskers (out tomorrow). These patrons aren’t just supporters – they’re contributors, too!
  • Next Quarterly Chat Announced! – We’ve got our next quarterly chat hangout session planned for May 14th – all Lander-level and Rover-level patrons are invited! Come talk about episodes, past and future, a fun topic, and anything else going on!

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