Patreon Highlights – February 2018

March 2, 2018

February was a really great month! Not only did we travel to Florida to witness Falcon Heavy lift off for the first time, but we also achieved our third Patreon goal! We’ve now eclipsed $300 per month, meaning that I have the financial security to make at least one trip a year for the show. And that means we’re off to the races in building towards the WeMartians Travel Grant, our next goal of $450.

Thanks to all the Patrons who’ve pledged support already. We’re already 76% of the way to our goal of $450/month to kick off the WeMartians Travel Grant. This is so close! I would love to see this goal reached by the summer time so that we can get this project moving!

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  • Red Planet Review (4 episodes) – Our new series continued through February with 4 more episodes. We talked about Mars 2020 progress, SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket, lots of space analogues, new science, and spacecraft news. It’s for our Lander-level patrons ($3+/month), but the first episode was published for free if you’d like to try it out!
  • Bonus Content: Episode 37 (Falcon Heavy) – Prior to the Falcon Heavy launch, SpaceX held a press conference to address some of the questions. Anthony and I talked about what this meant from a restaurant in Titusville. It’s got a real authentic feel to it!
  • Discord Highlights – Over on the Off-Nominal Discord, our Rover-level ($5+) patrons continued to share in all kinds of great discussions. Membership has increased a lot lately which makes the community that much more rich. We’re recently created separate channels to help organize the discussion, and you can get a sneak peak by checking out this instruction sheet we give to new members. If you’d like to know more, check out on Monday – there’s a full explainer on what this benefit is! It’s a seriously cool place that I definitely recommend you check out.
  • Shop Discounts – Some of our members enjoyed their permanent discounts on the WeMartians Shop by contributing at the Station, Excursion and Base Levels! Perfect for picking up our new Extra-Nominal Shirt (celebrating Opportunity’s 5,000th sol) and our Falcon Heavy Sweater design!

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