Patreon Highlights – March 2017

April 5, 2017

What a crazy month!

Thanks to all the Patrons who’ve pledged support already. We’re 83% of the way to our first goal of $65/month in order to satisfy all the podcast’s operating expenses. Click the link to the right if you’d like to join the growing number of Martians who help support the exploration of Mars.

Read more below for a summary of the Patreon highlights in March.

  • LPSC History & Preview Video – I don’t often make videos, but all the Orbiter-level or higher patrons got a special on-the-scene preview of the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference that I recorded from my rental car on the way to Houston. We covered a little bit of what to expect from LPSC, but also covered LPSC’s history all the way back to 1968! It was a fun way to explore LPSC’s past, and if anything, you should watch it just to hear my try to sing country music (I’ll just leave that there).
  • LPSC Audio Updates (3) – The big bonus content from this month’s episode really comes before it aired in the form of near-daily updates of the four conference days I spent in Houston (Wednesday was a straight-forward day and I was really tired that night, so there was no update then). Each of the three audio clips, available to Orbiter-level patrons or higher, covered my raw thoughts of the day and goes into more detail than the Episode released afterwards does. You’ll hear some more thoughts on a lecture about Laser Altimeters, NASA Night and the Budget Proposal from the White House, a special session on JMARS, deeper thoughts on NASA’s human landing sites and Lockheed Martin’s Mars Base Camp, and some more details about the science talks I spent my time in. It’s definitely the most bonus content I’ve produced so far for an episode!
  • Lockheed Martin Mars Lander Concept Photo (TOP SECRET) – I wasn’t allowed to tweet these, but that doesn’t stop me from sharing them privately with Patrons!
  • WeMartians Care Package – Some lucky Patrons who got me their addresses in time got a special care package in the mail this month. This was an “Off The Cuff” mail-out with some goodies I had made for the conference. You might see them pop up on social media!
  • Roadmap to Mars “Off The Cuff” – I dropped 20 minutes of audio exploring NASA’s announced Roadmap to Mars, covering the 11 missions on SLS and the proposed architecture.

It’s not too late to get in on this action – head over to and see how you can not only help the show grow, but also become more involved with the exploration of Mars for as little as $1/month.

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