Patreon Highlights – March 2018

April 4, 2018

What a fantastic March for Patreon. We’re pushing forward with our plans to roll out the WeMartians travel grant. It’s an opportunity for the WeMartians community to give back to the STEM community by funding students to travel to conferences. We visited the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference this month and have seen first-hand how beneficial it can be. You can read more about our ideas for the grant in our recent explainer post. But to get there, we need your help!

Thanks to all the Patrons who’ve pledged support already, especially our Station-Level and higher donors. We’re already 75% of the way to our goal of $450/month to kick off the WeMartians Travel Grant. This is so close! I would love to see this goal reached by the summer time so that we can get this project moving!

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Patreon Highlights

  • Red Planet Review (4 episodes) – Our new series continued through March with 4 more episodes. Red Planet Review highlights this month include the ups and downs of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Curiosity’s drill back in action, news about SpaceX’s developments at Boca Chica and the Port of LA, and updates on InSight, Mars2020 and China’s Mars probe. It’s for our Lander-level patrons ($3+/month), but the first episode was published for free if you’d like to try it out!
  • Bonus Content: Episode 38 (AMDEE18 with Sophie Gruber and Rienhard Tlustos) – Reinhard and Sophie talk about two special projects during the AMADEE18 Mars Analogue. The first is about a vertical farming project, and the second is 3D-printing experiment.
  • Bonus Content: Episode 39 (LPSC2018) – We get another few minutes of Catheryn Ryan talking about the science instruments she uses to analyze the samples from the NASA BASALT project. In addition, Jake provided three updates throughout LPSC talking about interesting talks and posters, NASA Night, Apollo 17 and more.
  • Discord Highlights – Over on the Off-Nominal Discord, our Rover-level ($5+) patrons continued to share in all kinds of great discussions. We’ve hosted launch parties, discussions on planetary exploration, and a new History thread to learn and discuss space events in our past. We hosted a live recording of Off-Nominal 6, and welcome Brendan Byrne, our guest for that episode and host of the Are We There Yet Podcast, into the chat. It’s an incredible community you must check out. More on it here.
  • Shop Discounts – Some of our members enjoyed their permanent discounts on the WeMartians Shop by contributing at the Station, Excursion and Base Levels! Perfect for picking up our new Good Vibes Shirt (celebrating the launch of InSight) and our Falcon Heavy Sweater design!

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