Special Announcement – Episode 22 – 1 WEEK EARLY

April 4, 2017

Hey there, Martians!

A quick note that we’re going to be bringing Episode 22 forward in the publishing schedule by 1 week. Normally, following our once-every-three-week schedule meant we’d see #22 on April 18th, but we’re bringing it up to the 11th. Why, you ask? Well, we’re going to keep it a surprise for now, but we will give you some hints. Your first one? Check it out.

Be sure to follow any of our social media for updates on this development – we’ll have a few more hints before next week!

By the way, related to this announcement – now would be a great time to become a Patron (especially one of $3+). These lucky Martians are in for a special treat, in addition to all the regular great benefits! Check it out!

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