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November 25, 2017

Hey there, Martians!

You might have noticed something different about We’ve made a pretty serious upgrade to our web platform! We hope it helps make a better experience visiting us and exploring our podcast.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the new features:

  • Podcast Carousel: The front page now shows a browseable carousel of the most recent three episodes, so you can quickly catch up with the newest content. Each carousel page features the episode title, a feature image, and a built in browser player.
  • Podcast Browsing: Beneath the carousel, you’ll see the six previous episodes in a convenient list. Click on “Podcasts” to be taken to the full listing of every episode.
  • Podcast Pages: Each episode now features its own page with a promo image, built-in player, and for the first time ever a fully functional show notes that actually appear in your podcast player! It’s been a big miss on our previous platform to only have show notes on the website rather than directly in your app, but that is fixed now!
  • Separate Blog: Looking for non-podcast blog posts? They’re now properly separated. The bottom of the home page has our most recent four posts. You can also load all of them by visiting the “Blog” page at the top.
  • WordPress Extensibility: Our previous platforms were limited in their scope, designed primarily for drag and drop functionality to get something up quickly. WeMartians is now a WordPress site, giving it incredible flexibility in what we can do now and in the future.

What about the podcast itself? Where are the SoundCloud links?

As part of this move, we transitioned our hosting platform on the back-end from SoundCloud to Blubrry. There are a few reasons for this, so I’ll highlight the key benefits here:

  • PowerPress: Blubrry and WordPress work really well together. This new platform allows me to publish episodes directly through the blog. It also allows me to schedule a post in the future, streamlining my publishing workflow. Maybe that’s not exciting for you, but for me it’s a life saver! In the old world, I literally had to get up at 5AM on the West Coast and publish everything manually, step by step, if I wanted to reach the East Coast audience on their commute. All in all, It will be much simpler for me to publish, meaning I can spend more time actually creating content and value for you.
  • Customization: Blubrry & PowerPress provide a lot more customization and control over the RSS feed. Now, I have much better control of what iTunes and other directories can see. Blubrry, unlike SoundCloud, is designed for podcasts.
  • Stability: SoundCloud is generally a very stable platform, but they’ve also faced some financial problems that give me cause for concern.

Do I need to make changes in how I listen to the show?

Generally, no. For most listeners, you’ll be able to carry on as usual, but I do want to make a few key points.

  • SoundCloud Redirect: I set up a SoundCloud redirect, so anyone who has subscribed directly to the RSS feed should be redirected to the new one. However, this depends on SoundCloud maintaining the redirect. For safety, I recommend you unsubscribe and re-subscribe by searching for WeMartians in the feed directory of your app. Not sure how you’ve subscribed? You’ll know you’re on the wrong feed if you get an audio file with me giving these instructions, which I put up in the old feed today.
  • SoundCloud App/Direct Sub: If you subscribe directly to our SoundCloud channel via their website or the SoundCloud app, you’ll no longer be able to get new episodes this way. Please use a Podcast player on your device instead (such as Apple Podcasts or Simple Cast), or if you listen through a browser, come directly to
  • Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play Music, TuneIn, Blubrry Directory: These directories should change automatically. Note, if you listen on Android, your app probably subscribes to one of these directories.

If you’ve got questions, please let me know at I’ll be happy to help you investigate!

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the new site!


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3 comments on “The New WeMartians Web Platform

  1. On Android Podcast Republic I had to manually remove the old Soundcloud podcast and use the RSS feed – doesn’t seem to find the blubrry server? either way, definitely better info per episode!

    • Hey Mark – I downloaded Podcast Republic to test it and was able to find the new feed. Did you search with “WeMartians” one word?

      • hey jake – it is there now for me too – previously, it still had the soundcloud source, but now ep. 34 is there and showing the new host.

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