WeMartians Black Friday Sale!

November 27, 2019

Well, it might not be as cold as it is on Mars, but winter is here, and that means so is Black Friday!

We’ve got a site-wide sale on all WeMartians Merchandise! From Nov 27 to Dec 2, enjoy 10% off everything in our shop! Use the code BLACKFRIDAY19 to unlock the deals.

Enjoy all sale pricing on all of our tees, including classics like BRB Going to Mars.

We still have some limited stock of our WeMartians 2018 Mission Patch, featuring exclusive art by Beth Kerner.

The Rosalind Franklin Rover is headed to Mars next summer, and it needs to call home with all it’s awesome science! The Trace Gas Orbiter, featured on our ExoMars Technicolour design, will help!

Don’t forget to pack your Winter Space Helmet for those long nights in Vastitas Borealis.

And of course, our all-time bestseller Twenty Seven, featuring the engine configuration of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket, the most capable rocket flying today.

Black Friday prices are over at midnight Monday night, so be sure to take advantage now!

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