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November 8, 2018

The holiday season is here, and to mark the season we’ve got some great new additions to the WeMartians Shop.

Winter Space Helmets!

It’s winter, and that means you could be losing valuable heat energy right out of the top of your head! Ramp up your personal thermal inertia with these new WeMartians branded toques! That’s a knit cap or a beanie if you’re from somewhere other than Canada! Useful even if you don’t live somewhere cold (since it’s always cold on Mars). They’re available for $17 USD now!

New Branded Gear

We’re expanding our branded gear. If you’re a fan of our Patron-exclusive weekly bonus podcast Red Planet Review, you can now sport its newspaper-style logo on a comfy heather grey tee for just $19 USD. Plus, the RPR logo as well as the WeMartians podcast logo are all available in a new tank top style for just $17 USD.

Off-Nominal Tees – Finally!

We’re long overdue, but you can now finally pick up an Off-Nominal Podcast tee-shirt! All proceeds from the sales of these shirts go towards supporting the joint side-project between WeMartians and Main Engine Cut Off, including hosting fees and Off-Nominal Meetups, which happen sporadically. This particular model is on a high quality tri-blend shirt and has an easter egg for the fans!

Plus, now you can cast your vote in the upcoming New Frontiers downselect by choosing a side in the Dragonfly vs. CAESAR debate. Anthony and I did so on episode 4 of Off-Nominal and now you can show your support for whatever mission you’re in to.

ExoMars – Full Colour and Stereo!

We’ve been missing an ExoMars shirt for a while, considering it was the first mission that we covered seriously! Inspired by the full colour and stereo nature of the onboard CaSSIS camera with the Trace Gas Orbiter, we’ve come up with this new colourful design that lets you proudly tell the world you think Mars is pretty. This premium design is just $22 USD and includes reduced shipping costs for European customers.

Of course, all of our famous designs are still available if you haven’t picked these up yet! You might especially want to get your InSight Good Vibes launch tee ahead of its landing in just a couple of weeks! It is still available for $19 USD.

The InSight Good Vibes premium T-Shirt design from WeMartians.

The InSight Good Vibes premium T-Shirt design from WeMartians.

So head over to the Shop today and support an independent Mars podcast! And remember, if you’re a Station-level or higher Patron ($10/month+), you get permanent discounts in our shop year-round!

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