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July 25, 2020

About six weeks ago, through our joint Off-Nominal Podcast, my friend Anthony Colangelo from Main Engine Cut Off and I decided to act and do our part in fighting systemic racism in space and STEM. Because Black Lives Matter.

I outlined some of the gaps in space, how I need to do better, and our plans to change and improve the world around us in this blog post. The first part of that plan, a fundraiser for Black Girls Code and the Banneker Institute is now complete, and I’m so proud to announce the impact we’ve made.

Early in our fundraiser, our friend Tim Dodd the Everyday Astronaut, as well as two anonymous listeners, stepped up to match donations our listeners made. Thirty days later, we had received 130 donations from WeMartians, MECO, and Off-Nominal listeners, and we’ve collectively raised $34,386.42 for these two organizations. Here’s a breakdown of the impact:

Black Girls Code

  • Listener Contributions: $7,398.70
  • Matching Contributions: $14,010.72
  • Total Raised: $21,409.42

Banneker Institute

  • Listener Contributions: $3,444.00
  • Matching Contributions: $9,533.00
  • Total Raised: $12,977.00

Contribution Information

  • Total Donations: 130 + 10 Matching Donations
  • Average Listener Donation Amount: $84.05

These results will live on our donate page, as well.

We are absolutely blown away by our listeners. We’re just two small independent podcasters and our listener base is my no means large. And yet, you’ve stepped up in an incredible way. We as a community have said loud and clear that we will not tolerate inequity in space. Space is for everyone, and we will continue to work to ensure that is more than just a platitude.

The Work Must Continue

In the original blog post, I mentioned some additional things we were planning once this fundraiser is over. Over the last six weeks I’ve been busy diversifying my sources of News, primarily on Twitter but also in the events I’ve been doing and watching and blogs I’ve been reading. The diversification is really important – Twitter, for example, is how I learn about many new guests and expand my network of contacts who ultimately end up on the show as guests.

In the near future I’d like to share the cool people I have already been discovering. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed to stay in touch, or sign up for our newsletter.

Thanks again for everything you’ve done for this fundraiser – we literally could not have accomplished so much without you. I’m so proud to do what I do, and I couldn’t ask for a better community to do it with.

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