52 – Comin’ up Jezero (feat. Tim Goudge)

December 11, 2018

NASA has selected the next landing site for its future Mars rover, Mars 2020. Jezero Crater is an incredible ancient river delta spilling in to the side of a crater. But what really makes it special, plus how and why did NASA pick it? Jake is joined by planetary scientist Tim Goudge, who led the advocacy of Jezero through the process, to explain its charm.

We talk NASA’s Mars 2020 rover and Jezero Crater

Previous Coverage of the Mars 2020 Rover

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We wanted to feature a cool globe this episode. Given that Voyager 2 made the news this week when it entered the Interstellar Medium, we thought it appropriate to feature the Neptune design. Neptune has only ever been visited by Voyager 2! Check out that Small Dark Spot!


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One comment on “52 – Comin’ up Jezero (feat. Tim Goudge)

  1. Gavin Claude Guldner Dec 11, 2018

    Awesome! One of my favorite podcasts, actually, my favorite podcast!

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