77 – Persevering through ATLO (feat. Christina Hernandez)

May 5, 2020

The ATLO phase of a planetary mission (Assembly, Test and Launch Operations) is the most intense of any part of its development. Amid a global pandemic, Perseverance’s time at it is even more remarkable. NASA JPL’s Christina Hernandez, a systems engineer on the rover team, joins us to talk about what it’s like getting a flagship mission out the door and to the launch pad.

We talk ATLO for Mars2020 Perseverance

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2 comments on “77 – Persevering through ATLO (feat. Christina Hernandez)

  1. Elliot Cohen May 5, 2020

    Listening to Christina Hernandez’s detailed descriptions, one can really feel her fervor and pride in the design build and accomplishment of ATOL and PIXL.
    Very Enjoyable, Thank you Jake

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