Vallis Marineris Wallpaper
Valles Marineris Wallpaper


20 – Mars2020 Landing Site Candidates

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Ahead of the science, the surface operations, the tricky landing, interplanetary cruise, & launch of a NASA flagship class rover like Mars2020, the difficult decision of where to send the mission must be made. For the successor of Curiosity, this process is nearing completion as the 3rd workshop has narrowed the remaining candidates to three. Jake takes a long look at the mission requirements, landing site criteria, and Mars mapping techniques before exploring Jezero Crater, North East Syrtis and Gusev Crater to see what secrets might lie beneath the regolith.


The Mars2020 Mission

Mapping Mars

The Landing Sites

Jezero Crater

North East Syrtis

Gusev Crater/Columbia Hills

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